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Where can I rent a pipa near Chicago, IL, USA?

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My wife (mainland Chinese) and I are having our wedding ceremony this July near Chicago. Her younger sister plays the pipa, and we would really love to have her play a couple of songs in dedication. She has a pipa in China, but it would be troublesome to bring it all the way to Chicago for the wedding.


Can anyone help me find a place where I could rent/borrow a pipa for our ceremony at the end of July? I would be so grateful!



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You might try to connect up with a local Chinese language school in Chicago. You know how a lot of Chinese Americans are forced to study Chinese on Saturday or Sunday for a few hours? I used to take Chinese classes at one before I came back to China. You may find someone who knows someone with a pipa that you could rent from. 

Sometimes you find rare things on Craigslist too. 

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Renting a pipa is kind of like trying to rent a wife. Probably cannot be done, and almost certainly not from a stranger. A store that sells musical instruments might have a "loaner," but even that is a long shot.


Probably best to just ask the younger sister to bring hers over from China on the plane, clumsy or not.

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Have you thought of looking in eBay, or Amazon? Perhaps a used one wouldn't be too bad or too expensive.  Your wife might like it as a present, even learn to play later.

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