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CCTV's I Have a Family Heirloom《我有传家宝》


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This is one of my favourite Chinese TV programs. It's on CCTV 1 and has embedded Chinese subtitles. The program official page on the web is: http://tv.cctv.com/lm/xunbao/ 

Many episodes are in You Tube, where you can lower the speed to 75% if in Chrome. Search for the program title in Chinese and you'll find loads:  https://www.youtube.com/user/zhongguohaogequ/search?query=《我有传家宝》

The idea is very simple, families (2 in each program) from all over China introduce their heirloom: they tell their family history and stories, and present their craft's training, techniques and secrets, and show beautiful objects or performances. There is a panel of 2 or 3 academic experts adding information and bits of wisdom. The presenter Li Xiaodong is very skillful and doesn't get on the way, but the real stars are the craftsmen themselves. Amazing people and incredible skills, not to mention their many different local accents. 


The archive in the CCTV site lists 5 pages of programs to binge-watch. There have been all sorts of traditional crafts and occupations: one week you may have a family troupe of lion dancers, the next is porcelain painting, paper lamps, calligraphy, dough figurines...It's a great program for arts and antique collectors and enthusiasts, and a very good reminder for anyone who thinks 'Made in China' means cheap and shoddy. 




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Agree. I've seen some of those programs and enjoyed them a lot. Just now re-watched one about how traditional Miao 苗族 women weave their incredibly intricate minority costumes. One of the scholarly commentators, who puts things into broader perspectives for the audience, is someone I came to know and like on the poetry contest series last year.



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