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TEFL help please

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Hi, Can someone help me verify the answers please? Thank you.


TKT Practice Task - Identifying Aims

For questions 1- 7, match the lesson summaries with the lesson aims listed A-H. There is one extra option which you do not need to use.
Lesson summaries (Options below)

A: For students to develop listening skills for detail.
B: For students to review and consolidate vocabulary.
C: For students awareness to be raised on sentence and paragraph linking.
D: For students to develop speaking skills for fluency.
E: For students to learn autonomously
F: For students to develop writing skills for a communicative purpose.
G: For students to practise using the present perfect accurately.
H: For students to review and practise using modal verbs of obligation


Question 1: Students work together to produce a word map poster for expressions related to travel. Students write definitions for some of these for the class to identify which expressions are being described.

Question 2: Students decide on the correct order of a jumbled text. They focus on pronouns, conjunctions and time expressions and go on to write a similar text.

Question 3: Students brainstorm ideas in pairs to devise roles and then work with another pair for a discussion based on these. The teacher monitors the discussion.

Question 4: Students read different texts on polite table manners and exchange information. Groups work together to complete lists of rules for visitors to their country, using should, shouldn't, must and mustn't.

Question 5: Students listen to a recording and identify which tense the speakers use to describe past experiences. The teacher checks understanding. Students do pronunciation drills and practise using the structure in a guided discussion.

Question 6: Students brainstorm ideas and vocabulary for a brochure to advertise their college to students. They draft a text in pairs and exchange these with another pair to correct and suggest improvements.

Question 7: Students look at leaflets on the facilities of a leisure resort, and listen to conversation of people using some of these. Students decide which of the facilities are mentioned. 


The most appropriate answers I found is: q1- e, q2- b, q3- d, q4- h, q5- g, q6- f, q7- a


Thanks a million in advance. Cheers

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I think all your answers are correct. My only hesitation is with Q2 being "B" but process of elimination leaves me with only that as the answer, regardless.


Was there a specific reason you decided to post about Teaching English as a Foreign Language homework to a forum about Chinese grammar?


Perhaps there is a forum devoted to TEFL that would be more suitable for this conversation?

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Hi, thanks for your reply. This forum seemed more relevant to post it on, without realising it's a Chinese grammar forum ah! but yeah advice taken. Cheers! 

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