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HSK 6 vs HSK Advanced


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Looks like Tudou recently updated their site and now a bunch of old links no longer work.


I had a hunt around on my hard drive and it turns out I still have the mp3 of this from years back.  I've cut it down to only include part 2.




In your other thread, roddy mentioned that some online bookstores may still have books available for the old HSK tests.

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That first bit. It's like you're a Communist Party agent deep in KMT territory, hunched over a Soviet made transistor radio as you try to scribble down instructions from your handlers. 

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From what I remember when taking the HSK Advanced back in the day, it was a difficult ass test, way more difficult than HSK 6 for sure. One of my friends who took the HSK Advanced test prep course with me (we both passed the advanced test) also took the newer HSK 6 test, and he told me that he after flipping through the study materials for it, he didn't even bother to study for it and just went in cold. He aced the test without even trying.


I guess my impression of the current HSK 6 test from speaking with test prep instructors and other people who've taken both tests is that HSK 6 is equivalent to getting an HSK 7 or 8 back in the day, and there is no HSK Advanced equivalent test at present.


If I'd known people would want my old HSK study materials, I'd have kept them. I think I sold them all to a second hand bookstore or something a few years back!

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I've actually bought a bunch of old HSK mock tests + other test preparation books, from 淘宝. They're actually really cheap, and the shipping isn't bad either. Here are some titles:

汉语水平考试模拟试题集 高等 (Red cover)

汉语水平考试模拟习题集 高等 (Purple cover)

中国汉语水平考试模拟试题集 高等 (Green cover)

中国汉语水平考试应试指南 (高等)

Brushing Up Your Vocabulary for HSK 单词速记速练(高级篇 -下)

Brushing Up Your Vocabulary for HSK 单词速记速练(高级篇 – 中)

Brushing Up Your Vocabulary for HSK 单词速记速练(高级篇 –上)

Brushing Up Your Grammar for HSK 语法点速记速练(高等篇)


The CDs for the mock tests books are also available on 淘宝, except for green cover one, which only has 磁带 unfortunately.
Like @realmayo said, I'd also be interested in a "Let's Study for Old HSK Advanced" topic. I'm already 80% through of learning the vocabulary. :D
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