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Buying a laptop in China


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I will be attending school in china by September. I'm not sure where I will be since I have to do one year language study in a school that is chosen for me. I need a laptop and I planned on just buying it in my country (the options are limited but I found an okay one) but my family suggested that I buy one for school when I get to China. Is this a good idea? Will it be easy to get a good laptop in china?

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What about buying it online? depending of the results that I may receive in june I'll also plan to buy a laptop via Amazon. What's your budget? which brand do you want? do you want a average laptop or a gaming laptop? 


The only thing that I know is that apple products tend to be more expensive than in other countries.


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Literally just went to buy a laptop with my girlfriend this weekend here in Hangzhou. Prices varied, but bargaining (she's Chinese - bring a friend if you're a foreigner and not good at bargaining) got the prices to around the same price in four different spots:

Dell XPS 13 for 6700 yuan ($971) with i5, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM. Not the 2-in-1 or whatever.

Apple Macbook Air 13" 6300 yuan ($913). Same specs as above. 


XPS was around $150 more than what I purchased it for back in the USA, but the Macbook Air was actually cheaper than when my sister bought it - not sure if prices have shifted or what. 

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