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Changing University after receiving CSC


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I was recommended by a university in Beijing and I was awarded the CSC for a Ph.D. program in Engineering, But recently I feel that this university is not a good match for me due to different reasons. Hence, I would like to enquire about the possibility of changing the university after receiving CSC.

I would appreciate any advice regarding this issue.

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I have a friend who is currently studying Chinese and also wants to change the university in which he's supposed to start his major. I teied to help him in this process but we were unsuccessful because the CSC people told us that Bachelor students are not allowed to change their universities. We tried contacting the embassy and the university in which he got accepted, but nothing worked. Since you're a PhD student, I think it might be easier for you. The CSC people specifically said that Bachelor students cannot change their majors nor universities. You should contact the CSC through their phone number, because they usually don't reply to online correspondence. In case you want to give up the scholarship, you might face a problem because I've heard you can't just drop out. Apparently, there's a fine you must pay in order to leave, but I am not sure about this. I hope this helps. Best regards!

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You can change university and keep the CSC scholarship. I know someone who's done it because they were facing the same problem as Dgengy. It might be hard to, but you should definitely try. The CSC people said it's easier for PhD and Masters students because there are more seats in universities compared to Bachelor students. If that doesn't work, you can follow Homni's advice or apply for MOFCOM scholarships, which are much better than CSC.

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