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Travis Long

Where is the best place to teach English privately in China?

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Travis Long

Hello, I am an American teaching English in Vietnam for 2 years now. I have recently started teaching online to Chinese students for a company. It is going pretty well and the parents really seem to like my classes. I am interested in starting to teach online privately.


I am considering visiting China for 2 months to try and find private students. Afterward, I am hoping to transfer them online and move back to Vietnam. Below are my questions:


- What is the best city for me to visit where I can find the highest paying private students (with preferably affordable housing)?

- What payment can I expect? I have a lot of experience with young learners (ages 6 - 12 with beginner to intermediate English) and the parents seem to really enjoy my classes. 

- What is the best way for me to meet students? 


Thanks for any advice :).

- Ben

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Well maybe not the best but they are good places to go to,like beijing,shanghai,guangzhou,parents like to pay money for their children to learn english from foreigner teacher,the payment is different,In beijing it is about 300-500rmb/hour,I knew an American friend do that in beijing,shanghai and guangzhou I am not sure,About how to meet students,it is hard to say,cause parents usually like to find school's foreigner teacher to teach their children,cause they know that teacher,Find a stranger to learn is not easy.Maybe you can try some website.First let people to know you and then they can make their decision.

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