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what amount of stipend for living in shanghai is enough?

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Hi, I have been awarded B type scholarship by SJTU .It would provide me a stipend of 2500 rmb per month .can anyone with experience of living with this amount explain the expenditure in shanghai .Accommodation shall be provided by university.

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You'll have to be careful of the money you spend. For instance, taking taxis and eating/drinking at foreign restaurants/bars would eat into that very quickly. Traveling within China would be tough too.


One can buy a plate of noodles/dumplings for 12 - 16 yuan. A bus ride costs 2 - 3 yuan. A subway ride would tend to be 3 to 9 yuan depending on distance. A local beer (Qingdao) would run about 4 - 6 yuan for a big bottle at a convenience store. So you could do it, but you'd want to budget carefully.

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2500 RMB per month is enough.If you want to find some friends who were already in SJTU.You can go to "tieba", In Chinese is "贴吧", many people will offer you help.And I think there are many chances for you to earn a mount of money, like to be a local English teacher, the payment at-least be 150 RMB per hour.

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If you're really on a tight budget...


~15 per meal x 3 = 45

~15 transpo

= CNY 60 per day

= CNY 1,800 per month.


This leaves you with CNY 700 for other expenses. 

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