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Companies inserting themselves into scholarship applications


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I took a curious look at the commonapp.cn website to check what you mentioned about overseas partners and oh, dear, the very first page sounds fishy enough. Still, I looked at my country's overseas partner and found that it was simply some random Chinese name with the "super legit" review of a John Smith. Sure.

Thanks for the detailed post, I hope it helps many people.


Sin título1.jpg

Sin título.jpg

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The worse thing I have seen was an international student studying medicine who told me that he applied through some agency in his country. He is paying the agency, he is paying less than what he would have had to pay the university in tuition fees. 



BTW "John, Smith" must be a native speaker, blond, teaching English on the side, because whoever is making money out of this is not sending their kids to school in China.


Hey, Roddy :D


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I tried to apply through CUCAS (thankfully it didn't push through) and they decided to ignore my queries. Ended up processing the whole thing by myself, it was fairly manageable, other than the slight stress of researching (which I don't mind).

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18 hours ago, roddy said:

CUCAS - these look to be university scholarships. $10 non-refundable application fee, $400 if you're successful.


I understood those to be lottery type "scholarships"... didn't Prateeksha get one a few years ago?


Myscholarship worth US $2000 AND ONE VOTE OF YOURS!


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The ETS is a private company too. Seems fine for those studying in the US. Not cheap though. 



I would be worried about admissions in China. At the end of the day, IF it is common knowledge that international students are admitted like that, something that can't be trusted, would employers see our degrees as different from Chinese students, who did not apply through "John, Smith". 


At the end of the day, John, Smith is better than Sallie Mae, but we should be careful. 


Marketing, I think Prateeksha did this, is different from admissions. 




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