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Hi Fellaz,

I'm German citizen. I'm thinking to apply for China Tourist Visa soon. Then it may take some processing time.


My question is:
What "Enter Before" date will I get? 
...For example if I apply today


Because I'm not sure when I will go to China, maybe already next month, maybe only in January 2018.

Thanks for advice!

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You need not worry about the "Enter Before" date, as it will not ask you for this on the visa application.  The "Enter Before" date is determined by the Embassy/Consulate through which you are applying, and is based on the travel itinerary and other details provided.


For example:  If you were to apply in early September for a visa to cover travel in the P.R.C. roughly spanning the month of October, the visa will be valid as soon as it is issued to you and is in your possession; however, the "Enter Before" date might be mid October, or it might be several months later.  In my experience, they typically err on the side of caution and set an "Enter Before" date well after the intended date of arrival, and in some cases with short duration of travel even after the intended date of return.


In terms of when to apply, this really depends on the jurisdiction involved, and to a lesser degree on whether you have successfully applied for Chinese visas before.  The last time I applied from Canada, the P.R.C. was still recommending applying roughly 30 days before the intended date of travel, as the vast majority of visas were of the 30 day, single entry variety.  My understanding is that, finally, both Canada and the U.S.A. have reciprocal agreements allowing ten year tourist visas, so this is less of a concern.  I don't know the current Germany/E.U. situation, and unless another user can explain it with confidence I would highly recommend simply asking the local embassy/consulate.

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