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What does this mean?

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无忧无虑 - carefree (footloose and fancy free like Rod Steward hahaha)

逃之夭夭 - a humorous way to describe run away

万花筒 - kaleidoscope

The origin of 逃之夭夭 ->



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Sorry but I can't read that or understand it.

I guess you meant the Chinese text only? I have translated it to English. I hope you could read it and understand it.

"The chengyu "逃之夭夭" (tao2 zhi1 yao1 yao1) originated from a famous verse of the book of odes (Shi Jing): "桃之夭夭,灼灼其華". The verse praises the beauty of peach blossoms in full bloom. "夭夭" here describes the peach trees' luxuriance. Since peach (桃 tao2) is a homophone of escape (逃 tao2), people have gradually used 桃之夭夭 to describe "escape" in a joking manner, and replaced the character peach (桃 tao2) with the character escape (逃 tao2), thus 逃之夭夭. 夭夭 in this context has lost its original meaning."

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