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So,I have been planing to learn chinese,As for My motivation ?   being able read webnovels. Some people might think it's insufficent since chinese is a very difficult language and if my motivation is ''Just being able to read some webnovels'' I will lose it in half-way,But I do not think so like that,that's how I learned english,just to be able to read books.


let's get the topic. As I said I want to learn chinese but I do not even Where should I start !! since my main purpose is being able to read books,My main focus will be 'reading and listening' skills.


Should I study in internet ? if I should, on which site ??  or are there any book you would recommend to learn chinese, Should I start a course ?


Any advise would be good,Thanks in advence and sorry for grammar mistakes as I said english is not my mother language.

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Webnovels ? do you have a link ?


There are tons of textbooks out there.

The first choice you have to make is do you want to learn first simplified characters (mainland China and Singapore) or traditional characters (Taiwan, Hong Kong) ?



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Thanks for the links. This is simplified Chinese.

There are plenty of textbooks, like New Practical Chinese Reader (NPCR - many volumes) and Integrated Chinese (more compact?).

Since your primary goal is reading, maybe also learn the Chinese characters with a book like "Remembering the Hanzi" (simplified version).

Once you have learned 300-400 characters (and the same amount of words) you can try to start reading the easier graded readers (Chinese Breeze or similar).

Then you'll find out you need more grammar to understand even the simpler sentences :P so a textbook and/or grammar book is really necessary.


Have a look at these threads:





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you can also consider the following series of book: A Course in Contemporary Chinese Books 1-6, if you are interested in learning Chinese with Traditional characters.  I am a novice learner of Chinese and have Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Books 1-5 called PAVC .  This series of books has been heavily criticized.   The result is A Course in Contemporary Chinese Books 1-6. I am presently learning from both series with Book 1 right now.  I was also advised to learn traditional Characters first then learn simplified characters later.  In the end it does not really matter as you can find web-sites where you can easily translate from Traditional to Simplified or  from Simplified to Traditional.

Good luck in your decision.

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