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How to find a private Chinese tutor?


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What are good ways to find a private tutor for Chinese lessons in Bejing?


I was looking on The Beijinger, but I have the impression that this website is less active since the rise of smartphones and social media. Is there perhaps a secret WeChat Group for which you need to be invited?


Moreover, what are reasonable prices per hour? This probably depends on the experience and qualifications of the teacher, but some guidance would be nice!

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You're best bet is probably to speak to someone who currently has, or previously had, a private tutor.  I imagine there is probably a big range of quality, and having someone vouch for a tutor is probably going to be your best option. 


Price will also depend on whether you get a tutor from a 机构 or one that is truly private.  The advantage with the former is that the agency will have hopefully checked out their credentials, but it will be more expensive.


If you can speak/read Chinese, you might want to try this site.  I used it to find a teacher in a second-tier city and ended up paying 50rmb an hour at a place which catered specifically for Korean students, while the most well-known place in the city for Westerners wanted in excess of 100rmb.


So yeah, ask around.  Especially people who have good Chinese skills.


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hello。 I'm also searching a private tutor. I'm from Indonesia and I not speaking Chinese fluently so I want a private tutor. I'm studied in Capital Normal University (首都师范大学)。I don't know how to find a private tutor. somebody can help me?

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