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Degree issue with Z visa application


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Hi there everyone!


I am an English teacher having some problems with getting my Z visa approved.


The school I have applied to has said that the Chinese government has a list of Universities that it recognises and as I have studied at a smaller, private university, it is not on their list and they cannot grant me the Z visa because of that.



I have a feeling they might not be telling me the truth. They say that the Z visa system changed at the end of July with this list of Universities thing.


My feeling is, if the Chinese embassy has authenticated my degree certificate then surely it will be recognised in China.


I have received a working visa in other countries such as South Korea and had no issues.


The school now wants me to arrive on the study visa and teach as a way to 'suppliment my studies' which they say is allowed.


Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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If there was such a list, it's not built into the interface when I enter education histories.


I will assume the employer is lying to you and that they are not an actual school and therefore ineligible to employer foreigners as a teacher.


If you could share the name and location of your university I could check it up on some other Chinese databases though.

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It could be a provincial, or even more local, thing. Could be one extra-zealous official. And by the time it gets back to you, it's "the government". Where's the school? 


I'd explain to them why your degree is fine, and see what they say. And look for other options too. 

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Thanks all for your responses!


It's a reputable school with a large footprint in China and around the world so they are legitimate. I also have a friend working there at the moment.


My question is, is it legal to work full time at the language school on a X study visa which the school wants to put me on?


I will take all of my authenticated documents with me to China should their theory of my University not being on their list change, I will then try switch over to the Z visa as soon as possible.


What would the reason be for a large established school to lie about it and bring me on a study visa? Would they school be saving money having teachers on an X visa instead of the Z visa?



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You can't legally work full time on an X study visa.


If you're not working on a Z-Visa or it's associated residence permit then it's pretty much illegal.


I would really advise trying to find a different school, or even another branch of the same school. I would never advise working on the wrong visa.


Remember, you can only get a Z-Visa outside China, so if you head there first you're digging a deeper hole. You may be able to get a Z-Visa in Hong Kong, but if you're not right next to the border or if you have bad luck...


As for your friend, what visa is s/he on? Have you seen their FEC or FWP and confirmed the purpose of work is teaching? 


Also remember that since the 1st of this month the govt. has been on holidays and they could get no new information since then. Any new information from the government before probably the 8th is likely to be a lie.

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Any school can give visa’s. They just need to apply for this privilege. 


My my brother and his wife owns an English school in China, one which supplies working visas. All they had to do was apply and then agree to all the guidelines in order to offer visas to westerners. And his school is small, by University standards. 


As has been mentioned, go all out to find to a school that’s serious about this kind of thing, inc. teacher support. 


Really hope it gets sorted for you! 

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