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Translation of a Kid's Chinese Writing from a Diary


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Hello All,


I need to learn what is written in the attached picture. This belongs to a friend's childhood diary, the chinese girl (I assume she was 9-10 years old back then) stayed in their house in a small city in Turkey for a month, and while leaving she wrote on my friend's diary.


Can somebody help me with translation?


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thank you for the correction Publius. I've thought of this interpretation for the lone 中国:
"don't forget a child from a foreign land - China."
Do you agree? (if not, I am interested in how you would express this in Chinese)

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The em dash works pretty much the same way in Chinese as it does in English. It introduces a parenthetical remark for the word or phrase directly preceding it. If you want to say "don't forget a child from a foreign land - China," it has to be 不要忘记一个来自遥远的国度——中国——的小孩.

If you write 请你们别忘记一个外国小朋友——中国, China would end up modifying 小朋友, not 外国. So the only explanation would be



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