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Translation of an early 20th century box


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I am trying to translate what was written on a box which was given to my grandmother's parent by a friend who came to Asia in the early 20th century. The box was containing a bracelet in jade and gold.




I tried by my own to identify the various characters, but for several I am not sure. The two X are characters I couldn't find.


      門          安
珠  牌   公   南    金
石  第   X    西     X
玉  四   老   貢   首
器  十   金   售   餙
      七   鋪   街
      號          市


 Using Google Translate and Word Reference I find the following translation :


 珠石玉器 : "Bead and stone jade object"

門牌第四十七號 : "House No.47"

公X老金鋪 : "Public X old gold shop"

安南西貢售街市 : "Annan Sai Kung market" I don't know how to analyse this one because I don't know if I really have to understand the names "Annan" and "Sai Kung" or something else. But It make                                      sense because Sai Kung is a Hong Kong district.

金X首餙 : "Gold X first ornements"


Could somebody help me, checking what I already did and putting me back on the right track ? 


Thank you very much !



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Chinese text is read top to bottom, right to left. But these lines seem to be arranged around the center 公老金鋪 (Gongsheng is the shop name).

= gold leaf, 首飾 = jewelry, 珠石 = pearls and precious stones, 玉器 = jade ware

安南西貢街市 門牌第四十七號 is the address. 安南 (Annam) is the old name for Vietnam, 西貢 (Saigon) the old name for Ho Chi Minh City.

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(I'll post this anyway since it includes a bit more information.)


Your first X is 葉.

餙 is a variant of 飾.

That's not 售 but 舊, traditional form of 旧.

Your second X is 盛.

The character written is 舖, a variant of 鋪.

安南西貢 refers to Saigon.

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