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HSK - test dates 2018


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I'm planning to take HSK 4 early next year, either in January, February or March (depending on when I have my vacation). I live in Norway, but the two test centres here only have the paper-based test. I haven't focused on handwriting at all, so there's no way I'd be able to pass even HSK 3 if doing the paper-based test. From what I understand, the Internet-based test allows you to use a computer input method (I assume it's one of the common pinyin-input methods, please correct me if I am mistaken), so I'm going to take the Internet-based test in China, preferably in Suzhou (where we usually stay).


I haven't taken the test at any level before, so I've spent some time trying to understand how the registration process works.


If my understanding is correct, you sign up for the test at chinesetest.cn. Using the search function in the picture attached below, I am assuming that "Network quiz points" means Internet based-test?





The test center marked in red would be perfect, as it's very close to where we stay.




However, when I open the details, only dates for 2017 are available.


Does anyone know when dates for 2018 will be published? There are dates published [url=https://www.chinaeducenter.com/en/hsk/hsktestdates.php]here[/url] but it's not easy to understand for which centres (in China or outside?) these dates apply. Would like to order plane tickets as least a few months in advance, as prices usually skyrocket if ordering tickets less than 2-3 months before the travel date... Will also try to contact Hanban directly, but I thought those who have taken the test earlier might know how many months/weeks before the end of the year the next year's dates are released..



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From my very basic understanding, the website you mention is valid overseas, in China they use a different one (at least my university in Xi'an did). Perhaps you could try emailing or phoning the responsible person of the center you want to take the exam in.

EDIT: I forgot to mention exams in Xi'an took place once per month with two different dates for paper or computer-based, so it may seem reasonable to believe there's one computer-based exam in Suzhou once per month, although it may not be in the school you wanted.

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You need to consider that the results will come at least 1 month after you take the test and the certificate will be sent to the test center.

So you would need either to go back to the test center to get the certificate, or arrange for them to send it back to your home address somehow.

I suggest you contact the test center directly to get information about their planned dates for 2018, and whether they would require you to show up in person to get the certificate or whether they would agree to send it to you (for a fee I presume).

FYI I was tempted to take the computer based test at a location in the UK but they said they wouldn't send the certificate to me and I would have to travel there again to fetch it.

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@hoshinoumi the webpage that's valid overseas is the chinaeducationcenter one, right? That would make sense, a few hours ago my wife tried calling the test centre in Suzhou and was told that the 2018 dates were not ready yet.


@edelweis thanks for the tip, hadn't thought about that. Luckily, my mother in law lives in China and quite often visits Suzhou, so pick-up (or arranging for them to send it by post to her) should not be a problem. Will make sure to inquire about the available options in advance, though.

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