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Night life @ Harbin


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I am thinking of moving to Harbin for six months and was wondering about the night life. I will be studying at the Harbin Institute of Technology. How does Harbin compare to other cities like Shenzhen and Chegdu. I hear Chengdu has a decent night life. How does Harbin compare? Also is it easy to find temporary accommodation in Harbin, like a backpackers hostel of some sort? I have offers from schools in other cities as well but want to get reviews on Harbin life!!!! 

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There is a user describing his experiences at Harbin Institute of Technology here.  So you could ask him about the night life.


Chengdu has a decent night life if you like hanging out with expats, or hipster Chinese kids.  I'll be honest, I found it a bit try-hard.  While obviously a little extreme, I find this is an appropriate representation of the current 'scene' in Chengdu.  

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I haven't been to Harbin but have heard its a neat city. If you get ancy on a long weekend Shenyang is awesome. People in my experience were open to talking to Waiguoren even if they didn't speak a lick of English.  Its about $40 each way from Harbin for the 2 hour train and about $12 for the 5 hour train.  There are also several other cities of 1-5 million people alot closer than that.


If you are interested you could get a Russian visa and travel to Vladivostok. The only drawback is that with that proximity they might assume that you are Russian. I quite like Russians but they can be raucous tourists and have a bit of a reputation.



I wish I had gotten to Harbin and am sure you will find plenty to do there. For accommodation I used booking.com. Before I went to China I thought I was going to Harbin and it seems like there are  a lot of options. Just be careful as you can make reservations and they can still say that they don't take foreigners. It happened to me once. They told me that they had changed ownership and couldn't take me. I insisted and told them I could have made other plans if I had known and they relented. It is really that they do not want to take the time to register you with the local security bureau as required by law.


Well have fun  Cheers

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