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This is a summary (内容简介)of a novel, 《活到最后》,which, according to baike, was serialized (连载)on the internet. https://baike.baidu.com/item/活到最后/6146265
在这丧尸横行、生机渺茫的世界中,没有平静,没有安宁。 如影随形的是生离死别、痛苦磨砺。 艰难的逃亡生涯,见证人类本性。 人生百态末世显,生死各命有情天……


I can’t make any sense of the last sentence: 人生百态末世显,生死各命有情天……  I have looked up the words but I can’t even come close to a guess about what they mean strung together. Please help!

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This kind of nonsensical stringing together of phrases is common in a blurb.

I can only guess the novel is about a (post-)apocalyptic world where everyone is fighting for survival and there is love whether romantic or brotherly. And since 丧尸 is mentioned, there will be zombies. Familiar?

There's an old adage 生死有命,富贵在天, which basically means life and death are predestined, it's all in God's hand. So 生死各命 means everyone's on their own.

And 有情天 is like a one-size-fits-all sentimental cliche builder that you can pretty much attach to anything. It's particularly popular in HK translation of movie titles. Sometimes as an attempt to dramaticize an otherwise banal story, sometimes it also ruins a great film. I don't know its exact meaning, but it's probably associated with 天若有情天亦老.

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