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African English teachers in China


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i recently graduated my B.Ed and also a holder of TESOL certificate,I am African nationality ,what are my chances of getting teaching English job in China.I am so looking forward to start my career as a teacher ,i have no experience of teaching before, I always hear that they need only white people from USA,UK Canada,Newzealand and australia.Are there any africans here to help me

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Dear Chikko,

You should know by now that China has investments in Africa.  There is a growing Chinese community all over Africa.  I  would like you to check your country for any big company there and make some contacts.  Also don't feel inferior because you are non-white.  You are just as good as any other person with your qualifications.  The question now remains as to your level of Mandarin.  

Also you should be aware that TESOL has global affiliates like

VIPKID Logo-600X200

You should also check your contacts at TESOL for any positions in China.  


Don't be afraid of writing to the Universities in China.  Again what is your level of Mandarin? 

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Actually, the visa requirements for teaching English in China mean you need to be from a native speaking country. This is regardless of race. The requirement is really just about your passport. 


You could find work in China teaching English but it’s very likely you’d not be working on the right visa (a work visa). It’s likely it wouldn’t feel like a very stable kind of work situation. 


I dont really know what gwr71 is talking about. It doesn’t matter about contacts etc if you want to legally work in China. Also, your mandarin skills aren’t really a factor when it comes to teaching English. Anyone that hires English teachers speaks English to some degree and when you’re teaching it they absolutely don’t want you to speak Chinese. 

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On 10/12/2017 at 12:36 AM, ChTTay said:

Actually, the visa requirements for teaching English in China mean you need to be from a native speaking country. This is regardless of race. The requirement is really just about your passport.

That said, I suspect that even if you're American born and bred, through and through, with the most standard American accent on the market and a certificate to teach English, you'll still have a harder time finding an actual job than if you were white. It's not impossible, but it can be more difficult.


@Chikko, I think some African countries count as native English speaking. Are you from one of these countries? That should make things easier.

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Countries with English as an Official Language and the Language of Instruction in Higher Education

Ireland, Northern Singapore
Antigua and Barbuda Ireland, Republic of Solomon Islands
Australia Jamaica South Africa
Bahamas Kenya Swaziland
Barbados Lesotho Tanzania
Belize Liberia Tonga
Bermuda Malawi Trinidad and Tobago
Botswana Malta Turks and Caicos Islands
British Virgin Islands Mauritius Uganda
Cameroon Montserrat United Kingdom
Canada (except Quebec) Namibia Vanuatu
Cayman Islands New Zealand Wales
Dominica Nigeria Zambia
England Papua New Guinea Zimbabwe
Fiji St. Kitts and Nevis  
Gambia St. Lucia  
Ghana St. Vincent and the Grenadines  
Gibraltar Scotland  
Grenada Seychelles  
Guyana Sierra Leone  

Please be guided as South Africa is not the only nation in Africa to have English as it's official language.

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I am not saying generally! :lol: 


I’m saying in China, for their visa requirements, only SA in Africa is classed as “native speaking” country.


The rest are: Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA, Canada.

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Here’s a nice summary: https://www.opportunity-china.com/blog/requirements-for-the-z-visa-foreign-expert-permit-to-teach-in-china/


Point number one on their list: 

A passport from a native English speaking country: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

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got this from Chinese embassy in Nigeria:

"Employment/ work Visa (Z Visa)
1. Visa issuance notice letter/form from the Chinese governmental organization authorized by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. 
2. The original and one photocopy of Employment License for Aliens issued by the Chinese Ministry of Labor and Social Security, or Foreign Expert's Identity Certificate issued by the Chinese State Bureau of Foreign Experts (the original will be checked and returned to the applicant).
3. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners, if the applicant intends to stay in China for more than 12 months. The record should be done by a local hospital, notarized by a notary public, authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. For detailed information, please read Instructions on Authentication.
4. For staff of the representative office in China, a original Certificate of Registration of the office, a Certificate of Approval for Foreign Company, Registration of Taxation, and proof of office renting; 
5. Original introduction letter from applicant's company in Nigeria; 
6. Original application letter from the consultancy in China; 
7. Proof of applicant's financial standing-----Correct company bank statement (latest 3-6 months) with the bank chop & signature;
8. Original Physical Examination Record for Foreigner, which should be checked up by this office appointed hospital; 
Reminder: Z-Visa is generally valid for 3 months. Applicant should apply for a residence permit from a local Public Security Bureau within 30 days after entering China."

This info is from 2012.

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