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study plan

Mulatu Walelign

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On 12/17/2017 at 12:18 PM, Mulatu Walelign said:

So is there any sample for study plan in English?


here is a link to an old study plan by user kdavid:



here is a link to an old thread with advice about study plans (some details in this thread may be obsolete)



Maybe @Angelina or others have updates regarding current study plan advice (length, contents etc).


Which scholarship are you applying for?


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I wrote what I am planning to work on and what previous experience qualifies me to undertake that particular research. After reading my old study plan I used when applying, I now realize that I should have written more about my plans and less on my experience. Both parts should be included, but if I could do it again, I would make that modification. 


If you are working in a lab and need equipment, you should include information about that, maybe even consult the professors you are going to work with if you need information about the resources that lab has to offer. 


A couple of pages would be fine when it comes to the length. Did you see the requirements at the call for application? If there are requirements, these requirements will be mentioned, for example: a study plan, the length should be at least .... words. 

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