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正往上拱, 说来就来, 争金夺银


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This interesting sentence provokes three questions for  me:


1. Does "正往上拱一来不及了" mean "it was too late even to salute?" Is 正往上拱 a fixed phrase, and if so what does it mean?


2. I understand 说来就来 to mean "(it could) come at any moment; it could happen at the drop of a hat. Is this correct?


3. I understand that 争金夺银 literally means "strive for gold; seize silver," but what is it's figurative meaning?

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1. Where did 'salute' come from? 拱 is a verb that means 'to arch'.

This is 拱手 resized2_6585.thumb.jpg.e62f691c30627e4b4bef06ce47900931.jpg

This is 拱橋 01300543122909143139761220343_s.jpg.53d7243df257dc2ebd6c09784c9d918c.jpg

Notice the similarity in shape?

And the '一' really should be a punctuation mark, the Chinese dash '——', used the same way as the English em dash.


2. I remember you have asked about '說走就走'. It means something happens/will happen/happened faster than you can say ____ (insert joke here).


3. The gold and silver in 爭金奪銀 refer to gold and silver medals, like in a sports event. Makes sense?

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