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Hi everybody,


I've been learning Chinese on-and-off for a while now. I've just decided that I should learn how to write Chinese characters (I can read and type already).


I've found a few resources online but thought I'd ask the experts here: do you know any good video courses that teach students how to write Chinese characters?



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Skritter or Inkstone. 


I learned how to write using skritter but it’s a bit expensive. Inkstone is a (I think) free alternative. 

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Agree with ChTTay  Skritter or Inkstone  also Hanzi Grids for that real pen and paper experience that in my opinion helps build "muscle memory" .


Skritter : https://skritter.com/

Inkstone : https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/52390-inkstone-my-free-open-source-chinese-writing-app/

Hanzi Grids : https://www.hanzigrids.com/





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Your Chinese textbook should have a bit at the end of each chapter where you can practice the stroke order of the new characters you have learnt.


Then, if you're in China, you could get a copy book.  I'm not sure if these are called 字帖 or not - if you ask for that in a bookshop you'll likely get a book of some old calligraphy master's writing.  What I mean is the kind where they have pieces of tracing paper between each page for you to trace over.

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1 hour ago, somethingfunny said:

What I mean is the kind where they have pieces of tracing paper between each page for you to trace over.


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There is of course this wonderful blog written by a Chinese Forum member , @Hofmann


This is well worth a read and as a reference work to refer to as you progress. Lots of interesting things, but the minimum writing requirements (Parts 1,2,,3 etc) are what i was referring to for your question.



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Besides Heisig's books, Anki (single payment for iPhone, free for other platforms, no subscriptions), and the "Can if I want" blog, I recommend:


-the imiwa? app for iPhone. It contains standard stroke order animations for the Japanese Kanji, which, according to Hofmann, are more historically accurate than other countries' standards.

-YouTube. You can find videos of people writing some characters if you search the character plus "书法", or something like that. For example, here are a few cursive style videos I've found:






EDIT: This website is also fantastic. It has animated GIFs for a lot of characters. You can drag these directly from the browser to your Anki deck.

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Hi GaoJinJie


I'm also new to learning how to read and write Chinese and have been trying on and off for about 1.5 years. Personally, I love reading Chinese poetry from the Tang and Song dynasties... translated of course! :) But my goal is to read the original poems myself... someday.


Last fall I started creating some writing practice worksheets for myself and my classmates (Chinese class). They seemed to really like the worksheets so I decided to make them available to everyone.


But instead of just tracing characters over and over, there's also challenges like "fill in the missing stroke" which I think helps reinforces the character's strokes and forces you to look at the character more closely.


Anyway, you can check out what I've made so far here: writemandarin.com


Right now there's only 10 sets of words but I'll be adding more over the next few weeks.


Hope it helps! Sorry to toot my own horn but I do think they are useful and fun for learning how to write! They're fun for me anyway! :P



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