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Lilsubs - Extracting subtitles from videos online


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There doesn't seem to be a thread for this yet. Just stumbled upon it and felt like sharing it: http://www.lilsubs.com/


I used viki.com as a source, found a series which had been subtitled into both English and Simplified Chinese and then entered the link to it.


E.g., enter https://www.viki.com/videos/146202v-scarlet-heart-episode-1 into http://www.lilsubs.com/.


I got the English and Chinese .srt files. You can also get the video files but that might be illegal.


Using Subs2Srs you should be able to combine the two .srt files into flashcards.


EDIT: I tried using Subs2Srs directly on the generated files and it didn't work, so I downloaded Aegisub Advanced Editor, loaded the .srt files in it and exported them as .ass files which were accepted.

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It unfortunately doesn't work with hardsubs, which I suppose might be considered something of an unsolved problem in the fields of Computer Vision and Language Technology to get 100% right (though some have made remarkable progress).   Edit: There is however a WeChat account you can pay money to for transcripts for Chinese shows.


I used viki.com specifically.


Mainland Chinese shows with Chinese (simplified) subtitles:


Taiwanese shows with Chinese (simplified) subtitles:



Mainland Chinese shows with Chinese (traditional) subtitles:


Taiwanese shows with Chinese (traditional) subtitles:


You can use Google translate to convert from Traditional into Simplified. (Thanks Imron.)


In some cases not all episodes have been properly subtitled, and in each case there looks to only be around 20-25 shows available. But if you consider that each of them have 20+ episodes, sometimes 40+ episodes, and that there is a wide range of shows, I think there is still a TON of content to go through. I suspect that there's also a Pareto effect thing happening, where only going through 20% of the episodes is enough to learn 80% of the completely new vocabulary. They have various types of ancient costume dramas, fantasy wuxia dramas, period dramas from the 2nd world war, high school dramas, modern office life dramas, sports dramas, etc.

Finally, if you're like me and actually really like Korean dramas but never watch them because you'd rather be consuming Chinese media, you can find the Korean shows, extract the subtitles into Imron's Chinese Text Analyser (which keeps track of what words you know and what you don't know), pre-train yourself on all the new vocabulary and then enjoy the non-Chinese content using Chinese subtitles. It's good for speed reading practice if nothing else. Or you could always extract both Chinese and English subtitles and still use Subs2Srs to create flashcards but ignore the Korean audio.


Korean shows with Chinese (simplified):





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