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How should I translate the word 'glamorous' into Chinese


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I'm aware that one-to-one translation is often impossible. But even still, what is the closest Chinese word or phrase to the English 'glamorous'. One of my ESL students was telling me that on her way to London she will stop off on Paris to have dinner with some friends. I told her that her life sounds very 'glamorous'. She looked it up in the dictionary but all of the translations seemed to be related either to appearance. She couldn't see how 


the closest I could think of is 豪華, because in this sense it is something similar to luxury, but also a bit 浪漫. To say that 'glamour' is between the concepts of luxury and romance seems very odd to me... Is there a more obvious translation I'm missing?

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You get 风流潇洒 which AFAIK isn't quite so ambiguous as 风流 (in terms of negative/saucy connotations)on its own but then again the few times I've heard it used in anger it's described a person not a lifestyle and a quick search doesn't say much different. What about 奢华? More luxury than romance I think but isn't that a big bit of the glamour of foreign travel?

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