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A question on 發


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I recently purchased a new font from foundertype, 方正硬笔行书, 简繁扩展(GBK), which has the character for 發 and its simplified form 发. My question relates to the designers choice for the written form of the traditional 發 (see image below). It appears he uses an alternative form as listed here, to the right of 发, www.914998.com:9813/ytz.php?id=a02720 using the components 业+丨+夂+、


All characters in this font that use 發 as a component also use this combination of components (except for 醱, which retains the standard traditional 癶+弓+殳). First question is, am I right in judging the character to be that listed at the website above. Second question is, why is this character chosen? Is this a common choice of 異體字 in cursive?


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Thanks for the helpful reply. I spent the last hour or so going through a frequency list of 3000 characters and found 3-4 more of these kinds of designer choices, actually really interesting. One I thought was particularly interesting was the choice of providing 膂, but no 呂 (perhaps as 吕 is already included), as well as 燬 (that is with 土 not 工 if your phone/computer isn't displaying the right character), no 毀 but does have 毁 (probably same reasoning as above).


I also learnt of foundertype from an earlier post of yours, thanks @Hofmann

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