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Fansubbing: Would you like to translate historical Chinese dramas?


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:help Hello I have noticed that there are many historical chinese dramas about all on YouTube that no one translates and the truth is very beautiful and interesting, I would like to do a fansub or get volunteer translators to translate these dramas from Chinese to English, I have been researching and I found a platform to create the subtitles of the dramas and it is very simple to do, you do not need to download the video or any program to make the subtitles, please someone of you would like to help with this project? , I think it's a good thing to learn the language much better besides being at the same time watching these dramas and having the satisfaction that other people know these dramas and are interested in knowing the Chinese culture ... please would you like to help me? :help

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That would be a really cool and educational undertaking actually. I wouldn't be able to translate subtitles directly, but if I were given enough time to do research and look things up, I could probably contribute with something that a native speaker could then proofread.

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I actually made a topic about this a while back but then shamelessly never followed up. My issue would also be with the language as it can be a lot more difficult than contemporary dramas. What platform are you using? I've been put off things like Vicki because it can be difficult to coordinate and standardise things when it's completely open, plus sometimes the videos get taken down and then all your hardwork is wasted.

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I assume that you would just get an .srt file with the Chinese subtitles and then you just translate the sentenses while keeping the time stamps. Once the .srt file has been translated, it could be put somewhere public without necessarily being hard subbed.


.srt files themselves can actually be edited in notepad.

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