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Adding elasticity/flexibility for HSK vocabulary


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I'll be concise for those knowledgeable, and refer to brief and basic bibliography for those who are not.


The Chinese elasticity/flexibility is a lexical property of chinese terms, two sides of the same coin, which must be reflected in the very same entry for a certain lemma.

Therefore, for example the fifth version of the prestigious XDHYCD (Xiandai Hanyu Cidian) applies mutual annotations in the respective entries (however, this criterion is not enough for a comprehensive treatment), so that the entry for 煤 mei ‘coal’ reads "noun, … also called 煤炭 mei-tan ‘coal-charcoal’", and the entry for 煤炭 meitan ‘coal-charcoal’ is annotated as "noun, 煤 mei ‘coal’".

Furthermore, it would improve greatly studying resources to add the relationship between such "elasticity" and the surviving morphemes in truncated abbreviations and similar phenomena, such as what Prof. Ceccagno coined "metacompounds". For example, the apparent surviving morphemes that appear in 卫视 'satellite T.V.' are at least the bound short version of the disyllabic elastic words 卫星 'satellite' and 电视 'television'.


Please, before commenting read the following brief article (and if necessary further references within it); if you still have any questions, I'll be glad to try and answer them.



Finally, elasticity from Xiandai Hanyu Cidian 2005 has been tabulated in the following open access thesis



I hope an enriching discussion ensues for this critical lexicograhical and pedagogic issue.

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