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Is Dongguan A Nice City To Visit?


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Oh hell no. Ill pass. Yes, I've been to HK... if I go back, I 'll visit a different area because I was getting my visa and was stressed out of my mid worrying if I would be accepted, how I would pay for it, I was staying in a notoriously dangerous hostel, the city was expensive... Anyway, I'll look more into hk again.   :)

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Nobody goes to Dongguan to visit Dongguan. Nobody. But if you nonetheless do go, it's a huge region with several central areas. Some are worse than others.


Macau. Interesting certainly and you can save money by staying in Zhuhai.


HK should overwhelm you. Expensive yes, but you save airfare. Head out to the country parks and hike, especially now that the weather's cool.


Not sure what a "dangerous" hostel is. HK is one of the safest big cities on earth. Perhaps you mean CKM, which is a firetrap and should be avoided.


(You seem to be stuck in the PRD over CNY. Next year you'll plan ahead and get air tickets out early.)


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Zhuhai 珠海 is warm and pretty. Palm trees and seacoast. (Winter is chilly.) Some foreigners in Gongbei 拱北。


5 hours ago, Lu said:

I haven't been to Dongguan, but it has a reputation of consisting of factories and brothels.


Factories, yes. Brothels are now closed for the most part. Huge and spread out. 

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I'll second the countryside in HK.  I stayed at a pretty amazing airbnb once and did some fantastic walks in the local area.  It was one of the later stages of the Wilson trail I think.  And the place I stayed was in a tiny row of houses across from a really small village.  


Maybe I've got some photos somewhere...

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16 minutes ago, Pianote said:

Has anyone been to Hainan province?


Yes. Haikou and Sanya. 


6 hours ago, Pianote said:

Are there many foreigners and things to do? 

I want to visit a warm Chinese city with many foreigners.


Chilly in the winter. Many Russians in Sanya this time of year. 

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Hainan is a bit pricey. And a poor imitation of a SE Asia beach resort. Based on what you've said here, I don't think you'll like it. Better to save time and money and just head to Dongguan for the holiday, instead. Yes, Hainan is that bad.


But in addition to flying, you can get there by ferry. And if you're a rail fan there's an interesting train that gets loaded onto a ferry for the crossing while you're dozing away in your compartment.


Hope the money for a visa hasn't scared you off Hanoi. It is the best alternative in the region, if you can arrange transport at this busy time. A good choice for Golden Week, maybe. (It's never to early to start planning.)


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9 hours ago, somethingfunny said:

I'll second the countryside in HK. 


Yes, if Hanoi is too far for you, try the countryside in HK. There are so many places to visit in HK, not just Chunking Mansion. I really liked Stanley Market. 



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That is a problem in HK, especially sleeping at night. Even in Shenzhen it's not hard to find a room with a heating A/C unit.


But the last forecast I saw predicted warmer weather for HK over CNY. To be honest, though, the HKO does have a poor track record of predictions.

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