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I basically have questions about everything. PLEASE HELP.

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So, I've just recently found these forums while searching online for info to answer all my questions, and it has been VERY helpful, and I'm probably just feeling overwhelmed, but I have so many questions about what I need to study in China. I'll try to be as specific to my own case as possible, hopefully that will help.


I'm an American student (born in the US) who is looking to study in an English taught Master of Finance program at Fudan University. I have started the application process for the program, but I have a few questions about the application, and also wanted to make sure I'm doing things in the right order before I submit it. I want to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship as well, and have had a difficult time finding up to date information on how to do that, the forms needed, and if I should apply and be accepted at Fudan first, or apply for the scholarship first. A big problem I have is that none of my close family or friends went to grad school, much less abroad, so I feel like I don't know who to ask about any of this. I've tried emailing the department at Fudan, but no response, and I don't know who I would need to call if I were to do that.


In addition to the application to Fudan, I'm totally lost about the order in which I need to do things like get a medical exam, get a student visa, (I have an L visa, but I got it through a service that pretty much does everything for you, so I don't know much about dealing with it directly), or things like a residence permit or any other forms that I may not even know about.


Like I said, these forums have been extremely helpful, but a lot of answers are for language students, or exchange students, etc. and I want to make sure I'm doing what's right for my situation.


So, tl;dr, assuming I know which program and school I want to attend and literally nothing else, what do I need to know/do about:


  • Applying for the program (there are actually just a few questions I have about the application, if someone could help)
  • Applying for the scholarship
  • Anything else on the academic side (letters of recommendation, transcripts, diploma, etc.)
  • Anything else on the administrative side (visa, residence permit, medical, etc.)
  • The proper order in which I should take care of each of these (ex. should I be accepted to Fudan before applying for the scholarship?, do I need a student visa before I do any of that?)


I know this is a hefty bag of questions, and I don't expect any one person to answer all of it, but you all seem to be a very helpful community, and I appreciate any insight you may have!!

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@[email protected]What I can tell you is just going to Fudan's website. The link is here.

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