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Can i get Master and PHD scholarships from the CSC?


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Hello everyone,

I am so lucky to get to know this forum,you are providing very good information and useful content;so thank you inadvance for helping me out!

I have a question concerning the CSC system: i am planning to apply for csc to study master degree this year in translation,i need to know after finishing the master degree can i apply again to csc to get another scholarship to study the phd?


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I've been out of the game for a bit, but I'd run this by the university you are attending since they have most of the pull. I was at Renmin University and knew of students that needed to take a year off, which the school handled (just had to pull teeth).


I finished my master's and was encouraged to pursue a PhD (nah), so I'm sure my thesis advisor would have some say in the matter. Most students quickly enter a "love it, or hate it" mentality in their studies at a Chinese University, so you will have an idea if a PhD is worthwhile once you start.

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On 2/16/2018 at 1:20 PM, HuayangAcademy said:

I think you cannot apply for two courses in a row you would have to leave China for a year, 

might have changed


No, no, you don't have to leave China. 


1. You can ask your thesis advisor for advice, as Brian US said;

2. There are many scholarship opportunities, from the universities, provinces (Shanghai Government Scholarship). 

Examples: MOFCOM, YES, TWAS, the money is good.


My friend got the Shanghai Government Scholarship and started her PhD after her master's degree, there was no need to wait. If you look around you might find better options. 


I am not sure if you would want to do your PhD in China after your master's. If you do like it after you see how things go around here, securing your funding is pretty convenient. 

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@HuayangAcademy There are many changes. For example, at least in Hangzhou, after you graduate you do not have to immediately leave China if you don't have a new scholarship or a job. The only thing you should do is to go to the Citizen Center 市民中心 and they will help you stay in Hangzhou (2-5 years). This was introduced recently in order to make our experience more convenient if we have some ideas for entrepreneurship, but nothing tangible at the moment. 


number 5





As for the CSC, always check the requirements listed when applying. Some scholarship programs don't have the "you should not be studying in China" requirement. 

To be honest, for PhD degrees, it is the easiest, compared to other degrees or non-degree courses. If you want to do your PhD in China, it is easy to get a scholarship. If you want to start your PhD right after your master's degree, you have to check the requirements, but there are just so many different types of scholarships. 

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Hello, referring to the above discussion. I would like to know how can i pursue my master at Peking university with a csc scholarship. I am currently in china, about to start my last year of undergraduate studies. My point is my visa for my undergraduate program will end around october 2019. However im going to be graduating around july 2019. Hence, to be admitted for the september 2019 intake in peking university,should i go back to my country after my graduation or not? Ps: my undergraduate studies wasnt funded my any scholarship council. 

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