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Should the whole world write using Chinese Characters?


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That’s exactly my point, you can’t use either language to write the other because if the amount of sentence level rearrangement needed. I’m not familiar with pohnecian and Aramaic scripts, but from what I know of some modern ones, and a little Chinese it might be tough to put together words.


i guess I’m not saying English or Latin scripts could do any better having all the same problems apply equally to them.


also new long form English story:


When a new marching order was made, so the platoons went to meet with the commander. When they asked, the leader would point to a point in the map. That was the point of the meeting. When the point men say this they would point out that it was a pointed request to make the groups move that far.

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As someone who has done a bit of conlangging of English in Chinese characters, what you usually end up doing is 1) doing what Chu Nom did and adding lots of extra characters; 2) ignoring as much morphology as you can, especially the Germanic ablaut. 





New character formation, much as Chu Nom but also modern vernacular Cantonese and Taiwanese have:
如何一之有做一币的[合昆]誏[口英]的英[口意][于因]秦[口意]字,之尔常常哩终上做[口英]为 1)做[口英]之字喃做了嗯加[口英]批的余[口茶]字,2)忽[口英]如多形[讠学]如尔可,特别哩嘚日耳曼[口克]从声。



Maximal kanji with Roman "okurigana", as with super formal Japanese
如何一之o有做n一币of[合昆]誏ing of英[口意] in 秦[口意]字s,之t 尔常常ly 终上做ing 为s 1)做ing 之t 字喃做dand加ing 批sof余[口茶]字s,2)忽ing 如多ch 形[讠学]如尔可n,特别lyt日耳曼ic 从声。

Minimal kanji with Roman "okurigana", as with usual Japanese (this is kind of useful for didactic purposes)

如s何一 whohas做n一币tof[合昆]誏ing of英ishin秦ese字s,whatyou常常ly 终d上做ingis 1)做ingwhat 字喃didand加inglotsof余tra字s,2)忽ing 如多ch 形[讠学]syoucan,特别lytheGERMANic从声。


What would be fun is tying roots back to PIE... and choosing relevant characters for those!!!

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