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Post your characters and critique mine. (Please)


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On 2018/3/3 at 11:52 PM, 周钰 said:

Open to all suggestions either good or bad.


First of, your character form is good. Keep working hard and you'll see great results.

Your 人 resembles a computer font, which is fine, but can be improved for better handwriting. A good starting point would be to start the second stroke slightly lower than the middle of the first stroke. Try not to go for a right angle, make the second stroke more horizontal. In my opinion (obviously this is subjective), the 人 second to the right is your best.


Your 女 is too tall and again resembles computer font (see 宋體). Flatten it out, make the horizontal stroke longer. Your best 女 is the very first one on the left.


Your 你 is great, keep working on it, pay attention to the second 'left falling stroke' (撇), make it a bit longer with the top sticking out a little more than it falls below and youre all set. Your best 你 is the very last one on the right.


Your 他 has problems in the third stroke, the one that makes the 'hook' shape. Its too big and too close the hook on the bottom right. End it closer to the left and stretch out the last stroke further to the right. Your best 他 is third from the left.


Your 们 has some good ones and some bad ones. The bad ones that stick out are the ones where the very last stroke is too big and angular (see your third to left, and fifth from right). Be careful with the dot as well, dont let it float out too far outside the frame (see third to right in particular).


All said, good job with getting down with a pen and paper and being prepared for a hard graft. Whatever way suits you and you enjoy is a great starting point. Its a long but rewarding process, and one that is arguably without end as it were. Perhaps thats the beauty of it all. 

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Hi, please check mine. This is how my notes look like. We were never taught how to write the proper stroke orders at school but I learn by myself through apps. Please critique, and please check if you see recurring errors regarding strokes themselves vs the whole character. Thanks.


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Hello and welcome to forum.


Unfortunately we can not see your pictures. You have created a link to something we can't access.


In the reply box on the left hand side is a link - Choose files, click on this and choose a picture from your computer.


Hope this helps.


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6 hours ago, Shelley said:

Hello and welcome to forum.


Thank you, I was happy to find this forum since I"m only learning for about 3-4 months and the topics are helpful and interesting. Unfortunately I was trying to edit my post since iPhone photos are weird when uploaded through Mac but I couldn't, sorry for that.



My notes look like this.



I tried to write some part of a song.

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