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DuShu - Read & Learn Chinese App


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I'd like to introduce the Android app "DuShu - Read & Learn Chinese" (you can download it for free at here or just search for DuShu in the Play store). It's currently rated with 4.8 stars at the Play Store with over 10,000 downloads.

It's a Chinese Reader that will annotate any Chinese text. It'll add

* Pinyin - but only where you need it

* A list of relevant vocabulary
* Tone colors
* Underlines to show which characters form words
* Sentence translations
The app also allows you to practice vocabulary via flashcards, and can automatically create exercises to practice grammar, writing and reading skills for any text.
DuShu comes with thousands of sample sentences sorted by HSK level, with manual translations, manually corrected Pinyin and comments exlaining difficult sentences.
It keeps track of which characters you know, you can turn on or off Pinyin for each character simply by tapping it. Which words are shows in the vocab list is determined by frequency or HSK level, if you already know a word you can simply remove it - DuShu also keeps track of your known words. 
You can listen to any word, sentence or the whole text via Google text-to-speech (high quality, natural sounding voice with configurable speed).
Of course there's a dictionary, based upon CC-CEDict, but with lots of additional information like frequeny, HSK level and character breakdown. Grammar points for many important grammatical features (like suffixes) are also added.
You can save your texts, and later resume where you left off.
Frequency- and grammar-based analysis make sure the Pinyin, tone colors and segmentation are highly accurate for any text. Words with multiple pronunciations are marked with a colored underline to draw your attention to such cases where the annotation could possibly be wrong (though most of the time DuShu will guess correctly, especially for common words).
The app is currently all free, though starting in April we'll be shifting to a freemium model with in-app sales, and access to some features like sentence translations, exercises and flashcards will be restricted for free users. However all the core reader features will remain free indefinitely.
The app is for learners of all levels - as it is highly configurable and adapts to the users skill level, it can be useful for anyone from total beginner to highly advanced learner!
The app is currently for Android and simplified characters only, an iOS version and support for traditional characters will follow.
If you like it please rate/review it on the Play Store!
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Our in-app sales are going active today! As a special gift for forum users, here are ten promo codes to obtain free premium bundles:


To redeem them, go to the Play Store app, open "Redeem" via the menu, and enter the code. Each code will work only once.
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