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Advice for studying at Zhejiang University


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Hello everyone ! 

I am currently a bachelor student majoring in Chinese language and literature. I will be graduating this year and I intend to apply for a Master degree (in Chinese) at Zhejiang University, though I have been unable to make a decision over what major to choose.......

A lot of people who graduated from the same major at my university opted for the MTCSOL program, yet I could tell that they were not quite satisfied with the things that they have studied....I took an interest in Chinese-English translations after taking a course in school, but the information I found about this program at ZheDa sort of frightened me. It seems that not a lot of foreigners venture into this area :)) From what I heard it is quite difficult for a non-native speaker to keep the pace with the other Chinese students and the requirements for graduation are very high (the person who informed me was a former student and she renounced her scholarship for this reason) 

Another option would be the International Business major (国际商务硕士). Last year, while I was studying Chinese in Hangzhou, I met a very nice Polish girl who described this major to me and I thought it would be a “不错的选择” if it weren't for 2 setbacks :

1. I have no knowledge of economics/marketing/etc 

2. I don't know what are the hiring prospects for those who study in this field 

My plan is to remain in China and work there upon graduation, but after I investigated a bit the Chinese job market for foreigners, I couldn't figure out which one of the degrees above would help me find a job more easily.....

For the reference, I passed HSK level 6 this January and I really want to do a degree in Chinese to consolidate my language skills.

Any advice,information regarding the above-mentioned majors  or shared experience with studying then finding a job in China would be highly appreciated   (。◕‿‿◕。) Thanks  

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18 hours ago, laura-michelle said:

MTCSOL program


The MTCSOL at Zhejiang University is not as good as other programs at the university. If you want MTCSOL, try East China Normal. 


18 hours ago, laura-michelle said:

My plan is to remain in China and work there upon graduation, but after I investigated a bit the Chinese job market for foreigners, I couldn't figure out which one of the degrees above would help me find a job more easily.....


This is a good idea. Any degree would be ok, just attend all the 校园招聘. I will share some information I got from my Chinese friends. 


I would definitely recommend Zhejiang University. If you are set on an MTCSOL, you better try a different university. If you are looking for a Master's degree at Zhejiang University, you have to see what you are interested in, because even though getting a master's degree is a great thing to do when planning to get a job in China later, I have to remind you that a master's degree is an advanced degree that presupposes possessing university-level knowledge of the research area. 



This is how Chinese students get their offer (the exact same word is used:"拿 offer"), try analysing what degree might help you get a job. 








This one is the most important one: scda_zju






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Thank you very very much, Angelina, for your speedy reply :D

I know some universities offer extra courses for those graduates that come from a different field.....I don't know if this is also the case for Zhejiang University . 

I am aware that I don't have a strong knowledge of the major I want to study, so my only solution is to study by myself in the time I have left before starting the Master Degree courses. (that if , of course, I have the luck to get accepted) 

I’ve met enough people to be convinced that just by speaking a foreign language or two really doesn't make you eligible for a lot of jobs....I’d rather “eat some bitter” ;) in these years than struggle with unemployment in my late 20's. That's just my opinion.


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34 minutes ago, laura-michelle said:

just by speaking a foreign language or two really doesn't make you eligible for a lot of jobs


You have to know what is the job you want to have. There are many people who have made money using their language skills. I added some links above, you can try looking at what is in demand these days, a lot of jobs in the tech sector. Then again, since this is a topic filed under Hangzhou, Jack Ma majored in English... 


Anyway, the 校园招聘 is how people usually get a job. Try getting into a decent uni in China and then follow the 校园招聘. Perhaps knowing how the process looks like can help you choose the right major for you. 





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I am a student of M.Phil-Ph.D. (Chinese) in JNU, India. I have cleared HSK5 and HSKK-Intermediate in 2016. I wish to study in China on scholarship for 2-4 years (either MTCSOL or Ph.D.). My problem is my age.  I shall turn 58 coming February, although I look younger by decades. I have spotted a scholarship (Confucius: Ph.D. in China Fellowship) for which there is no age limit.  But, I could not spot any university in China who admits international students without an upper age limit. Could anyone suggest me a university in China, within top 500 in world ranking, which accepts international students of any age.  My preferred courses are either M.A. or Ph.D. in 'teaching Chinese as a second language / translation studies / Chinese linguistics.

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