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Best pollution mask for outdoor exercise?


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Hi everyone, I'm asking this on the Beijing forum because I think I have a better chance of getting a useful answer, seeing as air pollution affects more people in Beijing, and to a greater degree, than anywhere else in China (I could be wrong though).


I ride trials and usually aim to ride twice a week, but when the AQI (Air Quality Index) is too high, I simply don't go. Recently, air pollution has been pretty bad here in Wuxi and it's already been one month since my last ride. There are just too many constraints: first, available time (due to work), second whether it's raining and third, as if it wasn't already hard enough to get the planets to line up, I also have to factor in air quality. Not to mention the fact that the hot season is nearing and it's just not fun riding in heat above body temperature.


On my last ride I tried wearing a pretty regular 3M cotton mask just to see how it felt riding with something on my face. It's not a fancy mask, no exhalation valve or nothing. Using this mask I felt I wasn't getting enough oxygen and had to either stop exercising or remove the mask to get a proper breath of (almost) air. I felt very congested. Would a mask with valves or something be better? I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one, so I"m hoping someone who does long distance running or any kind of strenuous outdoor sport can recommend a comfortable mask. Thansk!




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