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Can anyone help me with translation?


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Hey everyone,

I am Australian and just started studying Chinese.

For an assignment we have to translate a paragraph of english into Chinese.

I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice on what i've done so far (especially with sentence structuring :)



2. Translation. Translate the following paragraph into Chinese characters:


Ma Dawei is my friend. He is an American (and) he studies Chinese. Ma Dawei and I both like playing basketball. We’re going to play basketball tomorrow.  Lin Na also knows Ma Dawei. All of us are students of Chinese Studies. Now we are all at Lin Na’s dormitory. I ask Lin Na (if) she likes playing basketball or not. Lin Na says that she likes (it), but(可是) she is very busy tomorrow, (and she) is afraid that she could not make it. Ma Dawei is not happy.


my translation:

马大为是我朋友。他是美国人,他学习中文。我和马大为都喜欢打篮球。明天我们去打篮球。林娜也认识马大为。我们都是中文系的学生。现在我们在林娜的宿舍。我问林娜,她喜欢不喜欢打篮球。林娜说她喜欢可是明天她很忙, 恐怕不行。马大为是不高兴。


If anyone could help me that would be great!

thanks :D

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Hey, and welcome to the forum!


Not sure if it matters or not, but every time I have seen 'David' in textbooks the name is 大卫, although the way you have done it could be absolutely fine.


Again this is just a result of how I have heard things, but I feel like perhaps it should be 他学中文 rather than 他学习中文.


And as was already mentioned, the final sentence has a mistake. 



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Not to say it's right or necessary, but I'd be inclined to use 学习 for the act of studying -- what you do right before class, for example -- and use 学 alone to refer generally to an object of study. So he came to China to 学中文.


And 大为 seems fine enough as a Chinese name.



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looks fine (but small mistake) in last sentence. Its not very natural following Chinese but you're just starting so perfectly fine for that level. Well done. 


The passage is very stereotypical chinese view of foreigners using yhe words American,  basketball, study, dormitory, etc. :D reminds me of my old study books. Next lesson will be writing a passage that include hamburgers, pizza respecting parents and a trip to  the great wall.


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