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Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang


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Hi, I noticed there was not a forum for this university. I'm applying for the Confucius Institute Scholarship and considering this place (though my options are open). Has anyone ever studied here before? Or been in the city? 


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Never been there, but I have friends from there, they tell me it's nice, close to Beijing, people speak very good Mandarin. University is pretty good, not maybe among the best ones in China, but one of the bests in the region. 

Which program are you applying for? TCSOL or Chinese Language Program?

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I've spent more time in Shijiazhuang than in any other Chinese city. The air quality never struck me as noticeably worse than in nearby Baoding or Beijing. Friends who live there and who I communicate with every week tell me things have not been quite so bad this winter as in recent years. That may just be their perception, though. One of the good things about Shijiazhuang from a language learning point of view is that you meet relatively few foreigners there. This may not be the case if you stay close to the university, but I've been there for several weeks at a stretch and never seen a single foreigner. The worst things affecting Shizhuang besides the pollution are the same things affecting all big Chinese cities: increasingly uncomfortable amounts of people, cars, development and noise. 

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