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What happens when there are missing documents?


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I'm applying for the Confucius Institute Scholarship and I'm wondering for example, if you have a HSK screenshot, instead of an official certificate of your grades, and Hanban rejects your application because of this. Then what happens? Is it possible to send the missing documents so they can be attached with the rest of application, or is your whole application cancelled and you have to send a new one?


I've heard of people getting pushed back to stage one (though I'm not entirely sure what these means...ha). If your university accepts you and Hanban pushes you back to stage one, will you lose your place in that university and have to reapply to them, hence postponing your application for weeks?


Thank you for reading!! :)

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I haven't heard of any friend of mine who's gone through a similar situation to yours, so please take my opinion with as much salt as you can find. This is nothing more than a viewpoint.


Compared to a certificate, the screenshot on the face of it shouldn't stand up as evidence because it's something that can be easily forged. That said, if the screenshot contains identifying/reference numbers that Hanban (et al) can use to look up your scores - such as your test number ID - then it might stand a chance. Given how poor Hanban can be at sending out certificates, I can't imagine you're the first person to run into this problem.


I'd advise erring on the side of caution and waiting for a certificate if you can regardless (I don't want to promote anything reckless here), but that's my thoughts on it.

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