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Failed exam before getting scholarship - HELP


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Hi everyone

I wonder if anyone has been in the same scenario as me.

I failed my final exam on my bachelor, and will have to attend reexamination. I am not afraid that I won't pass next try (well, maybe a little..), but I am afraid that I will receive my bachelor diploma later than intended, and thus not be able to send it to CSC in time, before I start my masters in China. Anyone knows when CSC needs to receive the final diploma the latest?





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Hi @Nicsu I can't speak for specific universities but the usual rule (globally) is that the Bachelor must be completed before the Masters can begin.
Usually this means presenting the certificate or a letter confirming the completion of the course at registration. If you don't have the certificate but have definitely passed all exams then a letter is okay - my University don't award certificates until the June following my final exam for example - and the university in China was okay with that.

I would recommend you contact the institution ASAP and make it clear what has happened and what you can do (can you get letter from a professor explaining/confirming this) - if you don't do that and go along and only tell them at registration I can't imagine them being very pleased as they will be working under the assumption that you have completed your course.

That's in regards to the University.

I suspect the Chinese Scholarship committee will be similar in that need the certificate or letter before they make their final decision, but they also can't wait until registration like your university. So I would  again contact them immediately as your scholarship might be conditional on having finished your bachelors unless you let them know. Did they not provide a deadline in any communications?

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