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Notarised documents for a visa renewal

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So I am starting a job in a Beijing university very soon and I'm currently going though the working visa process. Something that has concerned me is that they take away my notarised documents and will not return them. Since every job in China requires this, I wonder what will happen this time next year if I want to move to a different city. Do I have to go though the entire expensive process again (albiet NOT being in my native country this time) or is there a national record of them? Is this just a fact of Chinese visa life? It seems so inefficient and wasteful.

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I think if you just transfer your residence permit from your Beijing University to another employer then it may not be required. 


I got in before they required notarised anything and I’ve never had to give them. This includes changing jobs 2 times within that timeframe. 


At least, this is the case in Beijing for me. 


Probably would have to if you leave China then come back and need to start the whole process from scratch. 

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