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Scholarship and quitting my job


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Hi all,


I've seen around that if you apply for you a CI scholarship will get notified around 2 months before it starts. Unfortunately my notice period for my job is 3 months and I'm confident that they won't be willing to let me go earlier. Do you know if it is possible to apply for a scholarship, get approved and then delay it to the next semester or alternatively I apply for a scholarship half a year away so then notified earlier than 3 months so I can then hand in my notice?






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What's to stop you walking away with 2 months notice?  


Strictly speaking it's breach of contract but depending on where you live there's probably little they can do about it.  I'm talking from a UK perspective here, maybe it's different elsewhere.


If you're an academic (likely given the 3 months) you may be able to negotiate something shorter anyway.  These things can be flexible. 




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From experience: CI and CGS are definitely less flexible than your employer. All of their scholarships are on a take it or leave it basis, probably because it would make more admin hassle for them to reschedule your scholarship, and they don't want to bother with it.


I don't know where you work (which country/industry/employer, what kind of position you are in), but in most cases honesty helps you a lot - if you communicate that you applied for a scholarship in China which results will be announced in early July and in case you get the scholarship, you need to start in September, they will probably understand it (obviously adding that you're motivated to keep working at your employer in case you won't get the scholarship as you're happy with them, but you supposed this is fair and more transparent to give them a heads up). I mean, this probably scores you more sympathy points when negotiating about shorter notice period than having your scholarship approval and stating that you will leave in 2 months.

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Thanks guys. I'll have to think about it. Perhaps I could apply for scholarship, hand my notice in 3 months before September and then either get the scholarship or, if unsuccessful, self-fund. I'll have to decide nearer the time.

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