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Books to prepare for HSK 6


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I've taken hsk 6 twice now and barely failed both times. I lack the most in the reading part so I want to improve this. Anyone have any recommendations for books to study? Books that also can also be used to improve listening and writing are fine too. 

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I recently got my second HSK6 results back and I got an 83 on reading, compared to my 55 on reading the first time I took the test. There are a few ways to improve your reading score, notably to improve your vocabulary and your reading speed. 


To improve your vocabulary, you can use a flashcard decklist (Anki or Pleco) or you can simply read Chinese literature. If you use a decklist, make sure to look up example sentences and make some of your own so you actually know how to use the word. I used a combination of the 2. I think the official HSK 6 books from BLCUP are quite good.


Reading speed is actually quite important for the HSK 6 since you have to read a lot of material. Speed can be improved by simply consuming more written Chinese material. One could also argue that improving your vocabulary will also improve your speed since you won't get stuck on as many words.

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What have you done previously to improve your Chinese? What do you feel worked and didn't work?


I ask because a blanket answer, while helpful, won't be nearly as helpful as more tailed advice based on your personal situation.


I suggest you also try the search function (top right of the forums page) and will find a lot of information about HSK 6 prep. Also look at HSK 5 prep as they are very similar.

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