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What is the meaning of this tattoo: 土力英信忍獣?


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Hey guys could you help me to figure out what these all kanji together means ? Any ideas ?  I think it is some kind of chinesse proverb.

...土力英信忍獣    I don't know the first kanji which u can see on image. Thanks for help in advance.




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And I think the second is 士 rather than 土 (note the lengths of the lines). No idea though. Parts of it could read as some list of virtues (power, heroism, faith, endurance), but where the snake comes in I don't know. 

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Looks like gibberish. Definitely not a Chinese proverb.

Makes more sense in Japanese, though not much either.

The first character is 蛇 (hebi/ja, 'snake, serpent').

The second not sure whether it's 士 (shi/samurai, 'man, warrior, samurai')  or 土 (tsuchi/do/to, 'earth, soil, ground')

力 (chikara/riki/ryoku) means 'strength, power, might'. Sumo wrestlers are called 力士 (rikishi) in Japanese.

英信 could be a Japanese given name, pronounced Eishin or Hidenobu or Fusanobu.

忍獣 apparently is a 獣 (jū/kemono, 'beast, animal, monster', c.f. kaiju) who practices 忍術 (ninjutsu, 'stealth and combat techniques', c.f. ninja).

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