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The Chinese government scholarship experience


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Ok so I'm posting this topic just to comment my experiences during this first academic year that I have recently completed, please note that any opinion written here is completely subjective and does not represent the totality of Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) students that have gone through this program. (For Undergraduate studies)


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and do not hesitate to add your experiences too.


A quick intro


I did my pre-university preparation program in the northern campus of Capital Normal University (CNU) located in Beijing from September 2017 to June 2018. According to our teachers  this university one of the 10 universities assigned to prepare CGS undergraduate students and it seems that each of them specializes in an academic field (STEM in our case, Business and humanities for BLCU and Medicine for Shandong University, etc etc)




CNU's dorms might be some of the best dorms that you would ever encounter in a Chinese university for a CGS student. We are talking about ample double rooms with private bathroom, no shower schedule hours(that is to say hot water at the showers at any given time), a 40inch TV with hdmi slots, two closets, two desks with lamps, a laundry room almost in every floor (you could use wechat or a magnetic pin depending on the washing machine), a kitchen every two floors or so (no need to pay for electricity), and the possibility to rent a fridge for 400 per academic semester. There were also quads (none of the CGS students got those ones), two types of singles, and some rooms that looked like suites (none of the CGS students got any of the previous ones either, unless they paid). None of the students that I knew that had visitors ever had any huge problems letting them stay overnight (this of course is not allowed)(mainly couples) and there were basically no problems for arriving to the dorms at any time of the day if you came from the outside or any place really.




The campus had 3 canteens (one of them 清真) all in the same building and offered a variety of dishes to choose. Chinese students would mainly go the first-floor canteen because the prices were much lower in there (the stands in the second floor were not owned by the university, hence the higher price in there) There were also convenience stores, a restaurant-bar and some fast food chains in a 50m-1000m radius.


Most of my time during the school year was spent in the 清真 canteen and the second floor canteen, and occasionally to the first floor (especially when I was with people that were not scared to try a more authentic Chinese flavor) I have no special comments about the food in there, I might complain a little bit about the spicy dishes but food is food in the end.




The two biggest activities planned by the school were 长城 and a car exhibition (there were other things but I forgot them already)

In addition to that, there was a running track, 3 basketball fields, 2 tennis field and a football field all of them available for any student




Regarding academics, I was told by some classmates that our program (预科班)might have been one of the most rigorous ones compared to the other schools at least for the first semester and I support the idea. I can say that the first semester was the hardest one with a placement exam and weekly exams whose results let the teachers place us in one of the three groups they made throughout the semester, although they stopped doing the placement afterwards (there were around 71 students in total, many of them placed in the second group)


During the first semester classes would be from Monday to Friday (including Saturday afternoon later in the semester) and they would start from 8:30 and end at 16:50 with 20-minute breaks per class and lunch time between 11:50 to 13:30 (summing up 4 classes per day each of them lasting 1.5 hours) There were classes on Saturday afternoon too at some point. The second semester had an increase of Math and sciences classes to the point that there were evening classes in two days of the week from 18:30 to 21:00.


It would be good to point out that the class hours were more or less depending on which group was a person in, and those who were going to Tsinghua/beida were placed in the same group most of the time (so that they could prepare them to meet some of the respective requirements given by the universities)


I'll keep elaborating as people come to talk about their experiences and ask me questions.

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@Kuroman You certainly won't find lots of information about it, to be frank not many people get involved into these kind of forums to talk about them.


Regarding the language program, each of the 10 universities that accept students for university prep do not have an unified curriculum, some of them used different books to the ones that I used.

these were the books I had to use: (We were asked to choose between physics, chemistry and there was a biology book too) 




Sorry I do no have an schedule of it


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Hi. That's a beautiful write up. Now I am more eager to win this scholarship to study in China. I want to ask a question regarding the application procedure. I am applying for Masters in Zhejiang University and want to know what exactly I have to fill for "Recommending Person or Organisation". A quick response will be appreciated as the deadline for submission is just around the corner.

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Hi! Thanks for the post! May I ask which information is to be included in the document of the Research Plan? For master's degree, I'm asked for an 800 word document regarding my studying plan. But I'm not sure if they're asking me to especificate a project I want to develop or instead talk about my ambitions and my ideas for researching in the future, in a more general way. 



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