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Difference between CGS scholarship bilateral program and CGS chinese university program?

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Hi everyone, does anyone know what´s the difference between these two scholarships or are they the same, as to what they cover? can I apply for both next year to increase my chances to getting one of them?



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Bilateral scholarship

Applicants must first inform the national student dispatching department about the national bilateral project enrollment information and submit the application as required;  

2. Applicants who have been recommended by the national student dispatching department apply for a pre-admission notice from our school;

3. Applicants who have been recommended by the national student dispatching department must log in to the CSC Online Application System (listed at http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua orwww.campuschina.org ) and click on “Online Register the student entrance "icon to enter", fill in the application information online, submit and print the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" online;

4. Applicants should prepare the corresponding materials according to the requirements of the “Application Materials” list below and submit them to the national student dispatching department within the specified time;

5. The CSC will only accept applications from candidates for assignments from international students, and will not accept direct applications from individual students.

Note The operation instructions and  acceptance agency number ” of the “Study Fund for Studying in China  system must be consulted and requested from the national student dispatching department.

The CSC is responsible for reviewing the application materials for the scholarship.Applicants who do not meet the requirements or application materials that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted; 
2. The CSC will transfer the application materials approved for review to the relevant schools for confirmation. The CSC has the right to make appropriate adjustments to the applicant's chosen school, profession, funding category, scholarship period, etc. according to the scholarship requirements of the countries, the receiving ability of the scholarship institutions, the requirements of the professional academic system and the applicant's conditions. The school determines the admission results.

3. Applicants who have been admitted to the scholarship institution for confirmation will be eligible for Chinese government scholarships to study in China after they have been approved by the CSC. Each scholarship recipient can only receive funding from a Chinese government scholarship program;

4. CSC will be 7 Yue 31 days before the "admission list", "acceptance letter" and "foreign students Visa Application Form" ( JW201 table) to send Chinese embassy in the country (or Consulate) , by which the above documents are forwarded to the national student dispatching department or the student himself;

5. After the scholarship recipients come to China, they are not allowed to apply for the change of the admission institution, study major and study period specified in the Admission Notice.

6. Scholars who are not able to come to China according to the admission period will not be eligible for scholarships.

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application process

1. The applicant submits an application to Changchun University of Science and Technology (please refer tohttp://www.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/universitydetail.aspx?collegeId=177 or http://ieec.cust.edu.cn/ for more information); 

2. The applicant must log " CSC study in China Online Registration System " (loginhttp://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina/ orhttp://www.campuschina.org , click on " online registration of students entrance " icon to enter), fill out the online application information submitted online and print" Chinese government scholarship application Form "; 

3. Applicants must prepare the corresponding materials as required in the  Application Materials list below and mail them to the university for application within the specified time.

Note: The CSC only accepts applications from Changchun University of Science and Technology's recommended candidates and does not accept direct application from individual students. The institution number of Changchun University of Science and Technology is: 1018

Application route and application time

Applicants should apply directly Changchun University of Technology, the application time is generally 1 Month to 4 month, a specific time each year to apply please check with the

I hope dis gives u all d information u nid.

Cgs is full scholarship

Bilateral is full or partial scholarship.


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is it possible to switch school with  CGS scholarship bilateral program 

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