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Instantly Extract Chinese Subtitles Physically Embedded from Videos to Text File


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22 hours ago, imron said:

If you export the Subs2srs stuff from Anki, it produces a csv/tsv file, and you can process this with the Lua scripting support of CTA to do various different things such as only including words from sentences that you mostly know (one of the provided example scripts included with the program).


Although I don't use this myself, I believe the process is, run subs2srs.  Then export that from Anki. Then run CTA and process that with a Lua script, and then import the result of that back to Anki.

Ok I get it now, I guess I'm not that familiar with your program. Btw, some constructive criticism of your app's website, for people who are as lazy as me (possibly there aren't any other than me) who couldn't be bothered to even download the trial, maybe some screenshots of the app would be good? Would go a long way to convincing those as lazy as me to download the trial. Even if it doesn't look amazingly colourful, or beautiful, a picture still speaks a thousand words. :)


Can I ask what language/framework you used to write the program itself in?

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1 hour ago, XiaoXi said:

Btw, some constructive criticism of your app's website,

Yep, the website is in need of an overhaul - one of many items on a long list of things to do.


1 hour ago, XiaoXi said:

Can I ask what language/framework you used to write the program itself in?

C++ for the core of the program and then each platform has a light GUI layer that hooks in to that core.  The platform specific details are:


* windows GUI uses c and c++ calling the raw win32 API (so very few dependencies, and no .net runtime needed)

* macOS GUI uses objective-c/cocoa

* linux GUI uses c++ and Qt 5.

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Hey everyone. I've been reading for a while but posting for the first time. I found this thread because I was interested in a similar type of software as has been suggested by the OP. 


I understand the interest for creating a better OCR version of the CopyFish OCR software, but I would imagine that a pretty simple solution could be created by stacking that Chrome extension with a macro of some sort. I don't personally have experience generate software for this purpose but I would think you'd want a program that could do the following... 


Using the CopyFish OCR, the user selects the capture area for subs. Then, this software would basically take over your computer and click the play button for you, and continually recapture subs, copy to clipboard, and paste into a document. Also, it would run it's own play time and would put time stamps on each time it copies to the clipboard. You'd set a number of seconds between each recapture and the software would throw out empty or duplicate clipboard entry. 


This way, you could just find a video with hardcoded subs (with sufficient contrast to background ... this isnt going to perfect), hit go, and let the video play through. When you come back, you've got a full transcript that can be uploaded to the Youtube subtitles for others to use that is compatible with ZhongWen.

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