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Tattoo signification


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I'll bite, 'from the cradle to the grave'


OP the 生 is 'life' and below 喪 is a strange attempt to evoke something to do with death. I would guess its a direct translation of an English phrase said to some tattoo artist in the West. Anymore history on this?

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@Sophia2018  I think you misunderstood what they're trying to tell you. They didn't say it means "from the cradle to the grave." They said it doesn't mean anything. And that's true, it has no discernable meaning in Chinese that anyone who has looked at it for you can figure out. So they tried guessing what someone who doesn't have a clue about how Chinese works might imagine it means. That is, they tried to guess the imagined meaning for the combination of the two characters you indicated. "I'll bite..." essentially means, "Okay, I'll play the game, I'll take a guess...".


If it makes you happy to think you have a tattoo that means "from the cradle to the grave" more power to you. But you shouldn't bet any money on that actually being the case.



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I agree with @TheBigZaboon 

Any one who can read and understand Chinese will not take that meaning from it. They will wonder why this person has decided to have 2 unconnected characters tattooed on them. 


So remain content with yourself about its meaning but don't assume the rest of the world will see it like that.

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