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collection of all HSK 6 practice exams released by Hanban


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Reading through the materials posted on chinesetest.cn about how the exam is graded, it appears that CTI has published raw (i.e. not curved) scores for 15 of these exams. The serial number of each exam appears to be a combination of the test level, year, and sequential test number. For example, the 19th HSK 6 exam was administered in 2012, so it would have a serial number of H61219. I've copied the relevant table below, which contains average scores (out of 50) for the listening and reading sections of each exam.




These data could be used to estimate one's final reported score on the exam. See the article linked above and my comment here.

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I found this page on chinesetest.cn which contains statistics on the HSK6 exam, there you can find a table that shows a big list of HSK6 exams. I compared that list with the list from the Internet Archive and these are the exams which are missing in the Internet Archive:

H61112, H61113, H61114, H61115, H61116, H61117, H61222, H61223, H61224, H61225, H61326, H61331, H61334, H61335, H61336, H61337.


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I just noticed H61006 doesn't have a writing 写作 section; it's contained in this file (attached).


I'm currently going through the writing sections while making my videos, so I'll let you know if I find anything else.  (Update: I didn't find any others missing the writing section.)



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Hi all, thanks for pulling all this together. I'm preparing to take HSK6 later this year and was wondering which are the best mock papers please?


I saw @becky82's post in the HSK 3.0 thread here that the papers on archive.org are significantly easier than the current HSK6 exam.

I'm also conscious that the Official Examination Papers of HSK6 汉语水平考试真题集 was released in 2018, so would these be easier than the current HSK6 too?

Therefore... does that mean the best mock papers are from https://www.hskmock.cn/? Have to admit, CNY680 feels a little steep for 10 past papers...!


Thank you!

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On 3/23/2024 at 11:39 PM, Pomelofruit said:

Therefore... does that mean the best mock papers are from https://www.hskmock.cn/? Have to admit, CNY680 feels a little steep for 10 past papers...!


Yes, the prices went up rapidly when they updated the website; they used to be 20 yuan each.  (Consider using screen recording software as you take the mock exams.)  Still, the actual exam is also quite expensive.


What you mentioned is what I would/did use too.  (Also, the HSK6 Standard Course Workbook (at the end of the 下册) has a single mock exam.)


There's multiple other unofficial HSK6 mock exam books you can buy off JingDong or whatever.  I bought the book 《全真模拟式题集》 ("Model Tests for HSK") which has 6 exam papers (I haven't tried this yet).  I find mock exams of mixed quality.  Sometimes the questions are rather unalike HSK6 questions, sometimes the questions are ambiguous or subjective, sometimes the questions are "traps", and so on.


There's a bunch of Korean videos on YouTube, like this, which describe the contents of past HSK exams.  Through these videos, we can figure out where the actual past HSK6 writing sections were probably sourced from (often, but not always, they're modified from some online article).  Feb 2024: 冯谖 孟尝君, Jan: 李轶娜(慢递), Dec 2023: 丁力(叶画), Nov: 赵阳, Jul: 潘天寿(吴昌硕), Jun: 初雯雯(河狸公主), May: 子华、商丘开, April: 蔡磊 (渐冻症), Feb: 周标(照片修复师), Jan: 于雷(废物工作室).

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Thanks Becky for the helpful response as always! I’ve found your content and write-ups to be valuable in my test prep, really appreciate the time and effort you put into this :)


In response to the writing section often being sourced online, I wonder whether, for the writing section, it makes sense to use the Chairman’s Bao to find level 6 articles of c1,000 chars and to practice the abridging? (To be fair, reading these articles would be helpful for daily Chinese upkeep and not just the rest alone!) I don’t subscribe to TCB yet and couldn’t find that many genuine reviews about it.

I’m struggling to find good quality articles spanning a range of topics at the moment, but that’s probably because the WeChat algorithm saw that I clicked on one post about the British royal family and now that’s all I receive haha

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