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Needing Help With Studying Chinese!


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Happy New Year, everyone!

I have began studying the hsk3 book. It is in Mandarin and pinyin only. I need help figuring out what these words mean and how they can be used in a sentence. 


Can someone help me?

I would just send you the picture of the phrases on wechat and ask what it means.



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4 hours ago, Pianote said:

the hsk3 book


There are many textbooks for HSK levels.


Presumably you're not using the "HSK 3 Standard Course" book published by BLCU/Hanban then?  Because that book introduces new vocabulary chapter by chapter.  


See pictures below (you can click on them to enlarge them).



1770020974_hsk3book.thumb.jpg.f35c89b4d3d96d5b3fdb098cf8aef7e0.jpg   559294731_hsk3book2.thumb.jpg.e5c5b071008511da70bf4257af2d9cad.jpg


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Pleco, see my answer here https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/57723-whats-a-website-that-recognizes-chinese-characters/?tab=comments#comment-447784


Really, it sounds like you need Pleco. They are very understanding and if you are in China and can't access the play store you can download it as an apk from their website. Do go and have a look  http://www.pleco.com/

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yes that HSK series of books has more words than appear at the start of each chapter. If gets worse as you progress through the levels.  If you really want to make progress, (as Shelly noted)  you need PLECO (or other dictionary) whereby you can either scan or write in by hand the characters. Just a general idea of strokes and stroke order is enough to write it into pleco, but the OCR is not too bad either.

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@Pianote, I'm going to echo Roddy here: did you study HSK 1 and 2? Because if not, this book is still too difficult for you. If you don't understand 休息一下吧, a dictionary won't be of much help and won't teach you Chinese. If you know no Chinese at all, or little beyond Ni hao and Xiexie, you need to start from zero. Preferably with a teacher. If you do, you'll find out you'll make fast progress, and pretty soon you will reach the level where this book will become useful.


Good luck, and so cool that you've started studying Chinese!

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